Friday, February 25, 2011


Traveling to Washington tomorrow and I've noticed myself listening to a lot of music from Seattle lately. Here are a few choice selections:


Armed With Legs
This is a fairly bad quality video, but live this duo is incredible. I saw them at the Ash Street Saloon downtown back in December and they tore it up. Check out their Facebook page for better quality songs.

I already posted this band, but i've listened to this album almost 3 times consecutively today and just love it.

Pocket Panda
This band rocks. Look them up on Facebook and see them live.


Monday, February 21, 2011

Portland music Vol. III

This last week was a very fun filled week of shows and music. It all started with my birthday on Sunday in which The Dirty Words Performed our first show at the Hawthorne Theatre. We shared the bill with our good friends, The Autonomics, as well as new Portland band, The Neverdowells. Birthday shows are always so much fun, and this was no exception. Hawthorne Theatre is outfitted with a very large stage, complete with drum riser and multiple LED lights illuminating the stage. TDW played second and after some minor technical difficulties rocked a solid set combining material that is on our upcoming sophomore album, Cain, and some brand new tracks. After that, The Neverdowells took the stage. These guys create a very layered and intricate soundscape blending mellow indie rock and folk with just enough dance and rock influence to get people moving. We look forward to sharing another bill with this talented group of guys originally from Colorado. Headlining the night was The Autonomics, who put on an amazing set as usual and it was a genuine treat to see them on such a large stage.

Wednesday marked the second show of the week. This was my first time at The Know, a punk rock dive on Alberta St, and it was a Rock and Roll show to the fullest extent. Performing that night was Dark Country and Company. Dark Country opened and they played a solid set of tracks bordering on hardcore punk, but with the attitude and riffs of west coast flavored Rock and Roll. Their stage presence was entertaining and made you feel out of place if you weren't rocking out with them. Complete with funny/awesome banter, this is a band I plan on following for a long time to come. Check out their bandcamp profile below and download their free demo. It fucking slays and will have you proclaiming "This is...Dark Country!!!" for days!

Company is a four piece rock outfit that fit in with and also complemented the set played by Dark Country. They incorporate more of a garage rock sound than that of the hardcore punk styling of DC, but they do it with and added dose of the punk rock mentality and approach to their songwriting. Check them out and keep an eye out for an upcoming release sometime in the near future.

Friday night marked another great night of live music. Two shows going on simultaneously in my neighborhood, St Johns, The Autonomics shared another bill with The Neverdowells at one of my favorite bars in North Portland, Slim's. Both bands played amazing long sets and kept everyone's interest throughout the entire evening. And, literally, right across the street was the "St. Johns Theme Song Competition". My good friends in the band Tall As Rasputin sported more members and a completely different line-up with drummer Andy taking center stage and rocking the guitar and vocals. Calling themselves Andy Bro and The Lombardians they played a heartfelt song embodying the spirit of Portland's newest up and coming neighborhood, St. Johns. Also competing that night was The Filfs. The competition went on for two nights and I am, as of yet, unsure as to the official winner of the St. Johns Theme Song Competition.

Saturday marked another show by The Dirty Words, our technical 100th gig, and we pulled out all the stops at the Twilight Cafe and Bar on SE Powell. Joining us at this gig were Seattle based Pocket Panda. Pocket Panda plays a unique blend of synth driven pop with upbeat and melodic indie rock. Featuring female vocals and an electric violin, Pocket Panda creates beautiful and layered songs and carry a baseline groovyness. Check out their debut EP through their Website or below:

And to close out the week, I attended another Pocket Panda performance (alliterations...allll right!) at the Ash Street Saloon. Arriving late, I missed the opening band, but did manage to catch all of Pocket Panda's set, which, minus the violin, proved to be more rocking than their set the previous night. The Ash St. is one of my favorite venues in Portland at the moment due to the size of their stage and the (really loud at times, I mean REALLY LOUD) awesome house sound system. It was a treat to see these guys on that level and be able to feel every hit from the kick drum in my bones. The true surprise of the evening was the headlining set from All The Apparatus. This group featured one of the best live performances I've seen in Portland to date and they incorporated up to 10 people on stage playing a range of instruments from two accordians and and electrified ukulele and cello, to a trumpet duel, trombone player, keyboardist, bass, various other percussion, and finally drums. AtA plays a very unique and danceable blend of what I would call Arcade Fire meats Gypsy folk. Check out their Facebook Profile below and see them live. You will dance harder than you thought; I did.


Saturday, February 19, 2011

Awesome Bandcamp find:

Download available from their bandcamp page. This shit slays. some of the 6 tracks remind me a lot of earlier Fall Of Troy, a la Doppelganger era. Check it out, especially the tracks "Miles Davis", and "Then/Than"


Thursday, February 17, 2011

This is just too awesome not to share.

The group's name is Le Corps Mince De Fran├žoise and they are from Helsinki, Finland. This is by far the poppiest music on my computer and I love it. Here is a link to another video for the track "Future Me". Both of these tracks are off their upcoming release out February 21st.


Friday, February 11, 2011

Portland music Vol. II

Indeed, this post will seem a little bit like self promotion, but this is what happens. Check out my band, The Dirty Words. We play Rock and Roll and you can check out our music through bandcamp:

We also have a real website, The Dirty Words dot com. If you like our music, connect with us on Facebook, it would mean a lot to us.

Another band that we have had the joy of sharing the stage with as of late, is Portland based animal r&r. This quintet creates expansive alternative indie rock and their debut EP entitled Watch The Stars Come Down exemplifies the use of atmosphere to create an impressively layered soundscape. Check out this 5 song EP, released earlier this year, on bandcamp and throw them a few bucks. They're good people doing what they love most: creating meaningful, good, and original music.

Download Watch The Stars Come Down on Bandcamp

The Autonomics are another band that we have been sharing the stage with lately. This trio creates indie rock with a good portion of throwback 1960s British Rock and Roll added to the mix. This band never ceases to astonish me as they are all in their early 20s. and I mean early; 2 of the members, twin brothers Evan and Vaughn, drums and bass respectively, are still minors. But don't let this seem as a disadvantage, they can rock with as much ferocity as seasoned veterans, and do it with a cohesion that reflects focused ambition and deep seeded love of all things rock and roll. The Autonomics have a 5 track EP available in physical format at their live shows, as well as a super spiffy newly designed t-shirt. If you get the chance to see them live, do it! You will not regret it. As a matter of fact, we are sharing a bill with them at the Hawthorne Theatre on Sunday, 2/13/11, which happens to coincide with my birthday. Rock and roll and drinks will both be flowing in ample amounts and everyone is invited! More info here.

Here are a few links to check out from The Autonomics:

And they have their debut EP, Good Luck and Medicine,  available on itunes (sorry, no link)

Finally, our good friends, Tall As Rasputin are currently working on releasing their debut EP. While still in production, this release along with a new line-up promises to launch Tall As Rasputin to new heights. But for now, you can check out their music through the dreaded myspace. Also, check out their Facebook Page

I will add more links for Tall As Rasputin once they become available. Keep checking back!


Monday, February 7, 2011

math rock

Noodley emo bands hold a very special place in my heart. here are a few you should check out:

Artist: The Bulletproof Tiger
Album: Stab The New Cherry EP
Hometown: Toronto, Canada

The Bulletproof Tiger offer a unique and unusual blend of Mathy Emo and Indie Rock. All tracks are instrumental and every one of the 5 songs on this EP stand out on their own as a beautiful journey through fields of melody. What amazes me the most about this band is their coherency as an ensemble. I have come across amazingly talented groups that simply sound like shit because everyone is competing with each other and the music simply doesn't mesh well. Thankfully, this is not the case with Bulletproof Tiger. Each note is perfectly crafted to give resonance to the whole atmospheric vibe of the group, and the arrangements are done in such a way that you hardly notice the absence of vocals. If you have read this far, you should probably download the EP and check them out on facebook, if nothing else, for their banter.

Here is a video for the track Sometimes I Feel So Sick At The State Of The World I Can't Even Finish My Second Apple Pie

Artist: Rooftops
Album: A Forest Of Polarity
Hometown: Bellingham, Washington

A Forest Of Polarity is composed of 10 tracks of pure math-rock genius. This Washington based quartet really brings the nerd in me out to go dancing. Weaving in and out of odd structures and timing, Rooftops achieves dynamically in one track what most bands attempt in an entire LP. I listen to this album when I am getting pumped up to go see live music, when i am cleaning the house, and most recently when i am reading. Sonically, Rooftops create a very intricate fabric of melody and form without it seeming forced, something that is actually very hard to do. Also, every song title is an anagram. Fairly nerdy, i admit, but i love it even more.

This is a teaser video for A Forest of Polarity.